The Runaway The Best Place for Drinks in Seattle with Friends

Aug 31, 2023

Whether you’ve had a hard day at work or just want to unwind, you can’t go wrong with The Runaway. In the heart of the bustling Capitol Hill in Seattle lies a hidden gem (well not so hidden) that beckons to those seeing an extraordinary experience. The Runaway is the absolute best place for drinks in Seattle with friends. Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood, this enchanting establishment is much more than just a bar. The Runaway is one of the best clubs to enjoy live shows and great music. It’s also a sanctuary for discerning palates and connoisseurs of liquid artistry. If you’re looking for a place to drink and let your hair down in Capitol Hill with your friends or colleagues, meet up at the Runaway for a night of fun.

No Longer Just a bar

Those that have been frequenting Seattle’s bars for some years will remember the Moe’s Bar. The bar was one of the most popular places to hang out in Capitol Hill. However, nothing lasts forever. After the old Moe Bar closed for a while, the owners of the pub made the decision to close the bar for good and open the Runaway in its place. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, The Runaway, powered by Paseo sandwiches and inspired by Joan Jett, is now one of the most popular places to get drinks in Capitol Hill.

The Runaway is a name that was chosen as a tribute to the inspirational music band by the same name as well as the spirit of Joan Jett. The bar’s interior and exterior design stays true to the spirit of Joan Jett with graphic collaged images that are black and white all set on the background of walls painted with satin black paint. This is offset by the rich wood tones of the bar stools and chairs which also feature basil green upholstery. The 70s spaghetti lamps are just the perfect accent to soften up the whole look.

A Happy Hour for a Happy Heart  

Seattle is known for its craft beer and local wines. If you want to enjoy some of Seattle’s favorite local brews and wines, The Runaway is the perfect place to do this. It’s a place with happy hour prices that are sure to keep the drinks coming without causing too much of a dent in your pocket. You can sample all the craft beer you have been curious to try or stick to your favorite brew and enjoy spending time in great company with great music to set the mood.

Happy Hour at the Runaway is Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm. Even better, you can enjoy Happy Hour all day on Sunday. Why would you spend the night at home when you can be out enjoying drinks with your friends at discounted prices at The Runaway?

Cocktails Crafted with Passion

Beer and wine isn’t all that you can enjoy at The Runaway.  While the old Moe Pub’s primary focus was on beers and wines while serving up a few cocktails, The Runaway takes the cocktail game to a whole new level. The Runaway offers a wide variety of signature cocktails all thanks to Veronica Groth, Capitol Hill’s cocktail genius.

The Runaway’s cocktail menu features a wide range of signature cocktails that are sure to keep you coming back for more. These cocktails range from unique twists to popular favorites to completely unique cocktails. The skilled bartenders at The Runaway will completely transform your drinking experience by transforming high-quality spirits into liquid works of art that are sure to tingle the senses. Visit The Runaway for a drinking adventure into a territory of flavors you’ve never tried before.

Foods to Keep Your Energy Up

The Runway’s live music performances and DJ’s are sure to keep you on your feet. You’ll need to fuel up when your energy is waning. The Runaway offers a food menu that is served by Bok A Bok. The full Bok A Bok menu is available at the Runaway. You can enjoy everything from Korean fried chicken and rice bowls to sandwiches, fries and salads.

You don’t have to leave The Runaway to gain access to the Bok A Bok menu. The Runaway offers dine-in services. Simply order your food by scanning the QR code at your table and the food will be delivered right to your table.

The Best Place for Drinks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill

Are you searching for a place to enjoy drinks and just let your hair down with friends or colleagues? You can’t go wrong with The Runaway in Capitol Hill. Enjoy a wide variety of drinks as well as the signature cocktails along with great music played by the DJ or live performing artists. See you at The Runaway!