The Runaway Live Music Nights: Enjoy The Best Beats at Our Bar

Oct 2, 2023

Seattle has long been known to be a city that dances to its own beat. It has produced many notable music artists and has contributed to the music industry by providing new music genres. Traveling through the city will reveal several live music venues which are a testament to just how much Seattleites love music. However, if you truly want to enjoy a live music performance, there’s no better bar and music venue in Seattle than Runaway.

The Best Way to Enjoy Live Music in Seattle

Listening to music performed live on stage is a completely different experience to listening to recorded music. It isn’t just about the sound quality or the visuals. It’s an experience for all your senses and no music bar in Seattle does it better than the Runaway. Formerly known as Moe’s Bar, The Runaway is a bar and music venue located in Capitol Hill. It is part of a complex that consists of the popular venues Barboza and Neumos.

The Runaway can be described as an intimate venue. It can host up to 100 guests at any given time. This means that you can enjoy the live show without worrying about large crowds. There’s no elbowing to get to the front and get a good view of the act on stage. Everyone in the bar has a great view no matter where you’re seated. The Runaway gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with your favorite performers while they do what they do best.

Just because you’re in an intimate setting doesn’t mean that you won’t get the same sound quality as larger venues. In fact, having undergone renovations before being reopened, the Runaway offers patrons unmatched sound quality. The current owners went above and beyond by including a state-of-the-art music system. You can enjoy great quality sound and feel like you’re attending a concert at a large stadium and not an intimate bar.

Something Different

Are you an ardent fan of grunge music? Do you prefer jazz music? Whether you’re into reggae, rap or indie music, you’re sure to find an act that will keep you hooked all night at the Runaway. The Runaway plays host to a wide variety of performances in varying genres every week. It’s the perfect opportunity to try a different genre or explore different types of performances. The venue has been the launching pad for many acts in Seattle. It has also played host to various popular performers including The Avett Brothers, The Breeders, Band of Horses, Iron & Wine, Cat Power, and Damian Marley.

The intimate setting at the Runaway enhances each performance. The Runaway’s state-of-the-art lights system elevates each performance to a whole new level. Emotions, expressions, and even sounds hit differently at the Runaway.

Drinks and Entertainment

With all that dancing and singing, your throat is sure to get parched. Fortunately, you won’t have to go far to quench your thirst. The Runaway is one of the most popular bars with entertainment in Capitol Hill and Seattle in general. The venue features a bar whose supply of craft brews and local wines never seems to run dry. The Runaway bar offers a wide range of beverages. It’s the perfect place to try some of Seattle’s popular craft beers. If you want to try something completely new, you should try something from the cocktail menu. The menu features a wide variety of house cocktails that are crafted to suit different palates. The cocktails are completely unique to the Runaway.

If your body is calling for more than a drink, you don’t have to leave the bar to find sustenance. Finding food at the Runaway doesn’t have to mean missing out on the show. You can order a meal from the Bok A Bok food menu. The full Bok A Bok menu is available at the Runaway. This means you can enjoy everything from rice bowls and Korean fried chicken to salads, fries, and sandwiches. You simply scan the QR code at your table to order your meal. Your meal will be delivered to your table.

Looking for a place to have a drink while enjoying a live music show? Make your way down to the Runaway in Capitol Hill.