Guide to the Best Bar with Live Music and Cocktails in Seattle

May 31, 2023

The Runaway is located in one of Capitol Hill’s historic buildings. The building was the location for Pike/Pine Auto Row’s automobile dealership in Capitol Hill. The dealership was central to Seattle’s motor trade for about 30 years. It was well known for its basement garage. Vehicles were lowered by elevator to below street level. However, after the dealership closed, the space became an underutilized storage space.

While much of Capitol Hill has undergone significant development with many of the old buildings being torn down, the building that hosts the Runaway continues to thrive. Although many of the memories still remain, the building now features a modern yet rustic design that commands attention.

Live Music

The Runaway is easily one of the best bars with live music in Seattle. The bar has played host to some of the best local and national talent over the years. It continues to attract top talent and has established itself as the place to be if you want to check out the future of music. Many of the artists that have performed on The Runaway’s stage have found great success in their careers thereafter.

Unlike other bars with music in Seattle, The Runaway is small. This intimate setting has a capacity for up to 200 guests. This means that the bar can fit a good crowd without being too crowded. The crowd is just large enough to enjoy the live show with. There’s no chance of having to deal with a rowdy or loud crowd that will ruin the show.

The Runaway draws a wide variety of acts ranging from local up and coming rock bands to unique contemporary acts. There’s something for everyone at the Runaway. Simply check our website to learn about who will be performing and to book your tickets.

Food and Drinks

The Runaway is not just a great bar for live music but is also one of the best cocktail bars Seattle has to offer. Enjoy a wide variety of unique and delicious cocktails that will keep your thirst quenched all night. The French Gimlet is a delicious and refreshing cocktail featuring Citadelle French gin, St Germain and lime. The Italian Old Fashioned is a great cocktail to get you ready for a chill evening after a hard day. It features a bourbon, averna, sugar and bitters.

If you’d like a meal, the full Bok a Bok Chicken menu is available to order from. You can order anything from spicy chicken wings to rice and kimchi and enjoy it in the laid back ambiance of The Runaway.


The Runaway is a small and intimate space within which you can get up close and personal with your favorite rising local and national talent. The stage is small and does not have a barricade. You can practically reach out and touch the performers on stage. Your live music experience at the Runaway is sure to be a memorable one.

The bar attracts crowds of all ages as it hosts a wide range of artists in different music genres. The bar offers the perfect setting to explore new music while hanging out with your friends. The laid back but intimate atmosphere allows you to enjoy great music as well as great company.

Location and Hours

The Runaway is located right in the heart of Capitol Hill. The bar is located at 925 E Pike Street. You can enjoy live shows every day from 7pm. The bar is open throughout the week too from 6pm for those that want to hang out and enjoy great music and delicious cocktails in a laid back atmosphere. If you need to make a reservation or would like to find out more about the venue, you can contact us by giving us a call or sending us an email. Our office hours are between 10 am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.


Are you looking to catch a live show in Seattle? You can catch the best of up-and-coming talent performing live at The Runaway in Capitol Hill. Visit the live music bar for a great live music experience. Check our website to learn more about the menu and book your seats or connect with us on social media to stay up to date with the latest events.