Celebrate In Style: Hosting Your Event at the Runaway

Nov 30, 2023

Are you looking for a venue to host your next event? Whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party, or a bachelorette, the Runaway is the perfect venue for any event. Nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill in Seattle, this music bar is a testament to the vibrant and eclectic spirit of this iconic neighborhood. This is one of Seattle’s best-kept secrets and is emerging as Seattle’s live music go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. The venue is the perfect spot for hosting an epic event that your guests won’t forget anytime soon.

Setting the Scene for an Epic Event

If you’re looking to host an event that’s nothing short of extraordinary, you can’t go wrong with this hidden gem on Capitol Hill. It’s easy to see why it is the best bar for rent. When your guests walk up to the venue, the modern minimalist black exterior with the large sign will get them excited as they anticipate what lies in store within that dark building. When they step into the music bar, they’ll be greeted by an atmosphere that seamlessly fuses modern chic with a touch of industrial cool.

Even without special décor for an event, the interior of the venue will provide the perfect backdrop for any event. The exposed brick walls, the ambient lighting, and the carefully curated art and furnishings provide an atmosphere that’s perfect for letting your hair down and enjoying time spent in great company. The venue was designed and furnished with versatility in mind. It can therefore cater to a wide range of themes and styles. The expert event team will help you achieve the feel that you’re going to host your event. The venue’s location in Capitol Hill will ensure easy access for all your guests.

Beer and Cocktails

One of the best things about hosting an event in a bar like the Runaway is access to a wide range of beverages. This is especially great in a city like Seattle, which is well known for its wide variety of craft beers. There are over 100 local breweries and wineries in and around the city. Hosting your event at this venue will allow you and your guests to sample a wide range of beverages. They may even discover a new favorite.

The venue has a dedicated cocktail menu for those looking for something different. The cocktail menu features various signature cocktails designed to keep your guests’ throats quenched throughout the event.


Beverages aren’t the only thing available at the venue. You can plan for a catered meal from the Bok a Bok chicken menu. The entire menu is available from the venue. You can choose to cater for your guests or allow them to make their own selection from the menu and have their meals delivered to their tables. Catering an event couldn’t be easier.

Intimate Music Bar

The Runaway especially stands out from other event venues for providing an intimate setting. The venue is designed to host a small crowd making it perfect for an intimate event such as an office party, birthday party, bachelorette or even a corporate event. You can keep numbers down while still ensuring your guests have a good time.

The intimate concert bar is perfect especially for events that will include live stage performances. Whether your guests choose to sit or take to the dance floor, they’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with those performing on stage. This is something that your guests would not have at a larger venue.

The bar offers excellent sound thanks to the state-of-the-art music system. Your guests will find it hard to stay off their feet during live performances or even when the DJ is working the turntable. The experience is electrifying no matter what corner of the bar you’re seated in.

Hosting a memorable event in Seattle’s Capitol Hill is easy when you have the right venue. The Runaway stands out as a beacon of style. It promises to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. Simply get in touch with the bar’s management to begin planning your next event and ensure your guests create memories that will last a lifetime.