Seattle Psychedelic Circus ft. Caela Bailey with General Mojo's

Neumos Presents

Seattle Psychedelic Circus ft. Caela Bailey with General Mojo's

The Hotels + Jim Page + Valtesse + Blue Cone Studios

Thursday 9/6

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Seattle Psychedelic Circus INCLUDES:
A women-run production company that presents cabaret entertainment with class and kink.

An art studio powered by Shunpike that provides independent art groups in Washington state with services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.

Join Seattle chanteuse and all around vocal powerhouse as she presents the Seattle Psychedelic Circus, a mish-mash collaboration of Seattle-based musicians, burlesque and circus performs, and dancers.

Blessed with exceptional charm, quick wit, extraordinary talent and captivating stage presence, Caela wows audiences with her soaring vocals and no holds bar sense of humor. On her debut album she brings many of her father’s songs vibrantly to life with a decidedly female perspective.

The album was created in collaboration with 50 of Seattle’s finest musicians including members of Fly Moon Royalty, Industrial Revelation, and the Dusty 45s. The outcome can best be described as a meeting of many worlds; where old meets new, where rock & roll meets R&B, and where a father's songwriting meets his daughter's new ideas and original interpretations.

It is no surprise that Caela’s music reflects the many influences she has been surrounded by all her life. She is not held to one genre or style, in fact, she challenges those styles with each song. Ambitious, timely, fun, and powered with positivity, Caela Bailey’s soaring, soulful and delightfully uncensored vocals make the album a rich and powerful collection. As far as she’s concerned, life really is a cabaret.

On their new EP All of the Greats, Seattle, WA psych-pop acolytes General Mojo’s manage to cram a vision-quests’ worth of soaring vocal harmonies, multicolored oil-drip synth lines, and shimmering fuzz-guitar wash into a concise – and incredibly compelling – journey. Reach out and take their hands, and they’ll lead you into a world where everything is just a little more colorful (and quite a lot groovier.)

In 2012 Dune Butler had a vision; craft a sound that was psychedelic yet deeply melodic, firmly grounded in pop with its head floating well above the clouds. Recruiting guitarist David Salonen, drummer Sam Veatch, keyboardist Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews, and vocalist Tekla Waterfield into the fold, they set out as General Mojo's Key Project.

It soon became clear that their sonic vision demanded a full-time co-lead vocalist. Kate Copeland filled that role. The success of their first tour - in support of eponymously titled General Mojo's Key Project -cemented the foundation of what would evolve into their signature tone. That sound continued to bloom on their follow up release, How Hollow a Heart. Not long after the record was tracked, Copeland returned to her home city of New York, NY to pursue a solo career, and the band elected to drop “Key Project” from their title. Prominent Seattle artist Heather Thomas sashayed into the co-vocalist role, and brought her percussion gear along for the ride.
Venue Information:
925 E Pike St
Seattle, WA, 98122