Erik Blood + Shit Ghost

Neumos Presents

Erik Blood + Shit Ghost

Newaxeyes, Wall Of Ears

Thursday 5/24

8:00 pm


$12.00 - $14.00

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Erik Blood
Erik Blood is a Seattle-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter. His production work and collaborations with some of the Northwest's favorite artists (TheeSatisfaction, Shabazz Palaces, Moondoggies, The Lights, The Turn-Ons among others) have garnered praise from music journalists and fans alike.

In May 2009, Erik Blood released his first solo album "The Way We Live". The album debuted at number one on KEXP's variety chart and was hailed by The Stranger upon it's release: "Crafted with care and expertly produced, The Way We Live seems destined to attain pop-classic status."

Erik next released "Music From the Center of Gravity" - a full-length film soundtrack, his first. Mixing dreamy ambient soundscapes, textured synths, and anchored by three lush pop songs - the score serves as the backdrop to the moody Sao Paolo set film "Centro de Gravidade". Directed by Steven Richter, the film premiered at the Sao Paulo Film Festival in Fall 2011.

After a busy period of producing, mixing, and engineering a variety of projects for artists like Crypts and Stephanie, Erik returned with his second LP "Touch Screens" in 2012. The twelve tracks of "Touch Screens" explore pornography from the points of view of the participants, viewers and creators. Ranging from "blistering shoegazer psych-rock to hazy dream-pop" (Don Yates - KEXP) on "Touch Screens" Erik Blood again demonstrates his formidable skills as a songwriter and a producer.

Erik has recently completed work on Shabazz Palaces highly anticipated follow-up "Lese Majesty" - due out July 29th on Sub Pop, as well as a brand new LP from TheeSatisfaction due out later this year on SubPop. Erik is currently finalizing completion of another film score, as well cooking up another batch of his own material that he is currently previewing in live shows in the Seattle area.
Shit Ghost
A self-described "Underwater Psychedelic Band" based in Seattle, Washington.
Seattle’s NEWAXEYES plays with tensions and contradictions. Merging dark electronics, crystalline riffs, pummeling beats and noise to refract the volatility, paranoia, and catharsis of the post-Information Age, the band weaves carefully orchestrated and recklessly warped instrumentals into something entirely their own.

Their debut album, BLACK FAX, recorded live to tape over the course of two days and produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Wolves In The Throne Room), is a testament to the band’s genre-agnostic approach to music. A quartet of skilled multi-instrumentalists, Jordan Rundle (Bass/Synths/Sampler), Bret Gardín (Electronic drums/Synths), Tyler Coray (Guitar/Sampler) and William Hayes (Guitar/Synths) draw inspiration from a wide variety of places and seamlessly merge them into songs that are as abrasive as they are cinematic.

Since forming in 2013, NEWAXEYES has pursued a diverse range of projects within and beyond a traditional band structure. Versatile performers with backgrounds in modern composition, sound design, film and visual art, their wide-angle vision has encompassed various multimedia projects, art collaborations, and large-scale works - including 2015’s The 8th Passenger, a 2-hour-long live rescoring of Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror classic ‘Alien’, performed to a sold-out theater.

Members of NEWAXEYES have toured as keyboardist in Wolves in the Throne Room, recorded guitars on the newest Myrkur album Mareridt (2017, Relapse Records) and contributed electronic drums on post-punk pioneers Sort Sol’s Stor Langsom Stjerne (2017, Sony).
Wall Of Ears
Wall of Ears is a freak pop band birthed out of N'awlins, now in Seattle, centered around the ongoing musical vision of CW Lott. Utilizing unconventional instrumentation like synthesizers, samplers, and screwdrivers; their 2nd LP Hello Beautiful Nothing is fearless in it's examination of outside experimental electronica and sonic surrealism. Style Weekly says, WOE's "psychedelic impressionism is whimsical in its Flaming Lip assessments of the ghost of Syd Barrett." --
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